Registration currently closed. In October we'll be accepting 25 Cleanse30 participants. Go here to get on the free pre-sale list now - you'll have the opportunity to enroll early before we sell out and save more than 35%!

Tired of diet dogma? You're not alone.

What makes the Cleanse30 six week reset different? We realize that not every body is the same, and therefore different things work for different people. We created this program as just that: a reset! Take things out, add them back in and find your perfect blend for YOUR bio-individuality. You'll lose weight in the process but more important you'll FEEL great, too! YOU (yes, you!) are an individual with a unique system and needs. During this process you'll get to discover your ideal mix and escape diet dogma forever.

The Three Pillars of Success

Tired of obsessing about food and exercise and feeling restricted? It's time to DITCH the DIET mentality and the marathon workout sessions with our Cleanse30 reset! Past participants? They weren't grumpy, starving and doomed to a life of bland rabbit food and 3 hour workouts. They ate REAL FOOD, didn't obsess over calories and worked out no more than 45 minutes per day 4-5 days per week, and STILL lost weight.


We take accountability to a whole new level. You'll have the support of a community PLUS daily group coaching from our certified and degreed Private Wellness Consultants. In the grocery store and have a question on an ingredient? Having trouble staying focused and in need of motivation? It's easy to join a program and slack. Now failure is not an option. With daily check-ins, feedback, LIVE Q&As and more you'll have the support you need to reach your goals and then some!

About Inspired Wellness

It's good to meet you! We are Sham and Christina Sanghera, and together we are on a mission to improve the health of our community and beyond. Having battled relentless weight gain, an autoimmune thyroid disease and clinical burnout from stress, we want to help you thrive instead of just "survive" through every day. We have over 15 years of personal and professional experience helping people transform their lifestyles, and we are certified and degreed Private Wellness Consultants who dedicate our lives to improving the health of others. To read our full bio please go here (Christina) and here (Sham). 

Testimonial From Cleanse30 Graduate Doris:

Not only did Doris lose over 25 pounds, but more importantly she gained a new relationship with fitness, food and wellness. She learned the "why" behind the journey - check out her video below and get ready to get inspired!

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Tell us, does anything below describe you?

  • Want to lose weight, but you’re not sure where to start.
  • Have a desire to maintain the weight you plan to lose or have lost.
  • Want to develop a healthy relationship with food.
  • Want to kick things up a notch in order to reach your goals.
  • Feel like your health has taken a back seat and you need a reset.
  • Have a voracious sweet tooth.
  • Feel like your nutrition is “good” but could be better.
  • Want to develop a consistent movement and exercise routine.
  • Want to feel confident and empowered in your skin.
  • Feel like you go overboard on the weekends and then have to “start over” on Monday.

If so, this program is definitely for you. We take a deep dive into all elements of wellness. Mind, body and soul – they are all connected and deserve equal attention and love! Let us help you build confidence, gain momentum and eliminate habits that get in the way of achieving your goals!

Testimonial From Cleanse30 Graduate Marina :

Marina eliminated joint pain and migraines, reached her weight loss goal and felt fantastic in the process. Check out her video below and get ready to get inspired!

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I cannot say enough kind words about this cleanse and my coach. I have been struggling with my weight for about the last ten years and I've tried everything and have been quite the yo-yo dieter. I've lost a ton of weight only to gain twice as much back in a shorter amount of time. I've done calorie counting, points, boxed meals, you name it. The amazing thing about this cleanse is you don't count anything and you feel better. I have a better appreciation and a better relation with food now that I have participated in this wonderful program and I hope to inspire my family to also partake in clean eating.

- Lisa J.


Just imagine… after your time with us, you could be sharing your success story, too…


These are photos of actual meals past Cleanse30 participants have enjoyed! No starving or restriction; create a healthy relationship with and enjoy food freedom!


We design FUN workouts that keep you coming back for more. PLUS, experience enhanced fat burning and muscle confusion as the routines change daily!


Health is more than just fitness and nutrition. How do you feel? Are you stressed and overworked? Are you sleeping well and experiencing optimal hormonal balance? Our special classes focus on such topics as stress reduction, self care techniques, foam rolling and more!



  • Delicious Meal Plans (Online + In-Person Program) - $149 Value
  • Fat Burning Workouts (Online + In-Person Program) - $99 Value
  • Healthy Grocery Shopping Foods List (Online + In-Person Program) - $49 Value
  • Restaurant Survival Guide (Online + In-Person Program) - $49 Value
  • Cleanse30 E-Book with 45+ recipes, meal plans and more (Online + In-Person Program) - $69 Value
  • Orientation at the studio (Online + In-Person Program) - $75 Value
  • Access to a private group exclusive to those doing the cleanse - live videos, weekly check-ins, motivation and ACCOUNTABILITY! - $199 Value
  • Weekly interactive homework (Online + In-Person Program) - $199 Value
  • Before & After Measurements and Photos (In-Person Program) - $99 Value
  • Self Care/Stress Reduction Class (In-Person Program) - $49 Value
  • VIP Workout + Checkpoint (In-Person Program) - $49 Value
  • Access to unlimited boot camps at our studio (In-Person Program) - $175 Value
  • Daily motivational emails and text messages to keep you focused - $99 Value
  • BONUS (additional fee applies): Access to your own 1-1 coach for the entire cleanse (Online + In-Person Program)
  • Celebratory pot luck (In-Person Program)
  • ... AND MORE!


Registration currently closed. In October we'll be accepting 25 Cleanse30 participants. Go here to get on the free pre-sale list now - you'll have the opportunity to enroll early before we sell out and save more than 35%!

Are you ready to achieve your weight loss and fitness goals AND Learn How To maintain Your Results?

It's exactly the kind of vital (and non-commercial!) info that is mighty hard to find in the traditional "healthcare" system.

So grateful and glad to be here with the rest of you!

- Kathleen A.
- Linda M.

“I have struggled with weight gain and chronic health problems all of my life. I have always tried to eat healthy and lead an active lifestyle, yet I kept getting colds, mega allergy issues, sinus infections and asthma attacks. Which meant more visits to the doctor, more medications, and a cycle of craving a lot of sugary foods.

I went on the Cleanse30 program and immediately dropped 10 pounds, 10 inches and lost a majority of the inflammation I had been carrying around for years in only 30 days.

I had the unhealthiest year of my life and yet I was practicing what I thought were the healthiest habits. I was working out with hour and a half workouts, and I would lose weight and inches for the short term, but then they would start creeping back on.

The day I met my “Angel” Sham, just when I was ready to give up on everything, Sham was there to help me realize that I wasn’t alone in this struggle and he was certain he could help me break through to a healthier person.

My workouts became more efficient, challenging, and yet fun. They were easy for me to do at home or in a gym. Sham challenged me within my limits and encouraged me to push myself. I have set several small goals and have beaten each of them. My endurance has increased, I have stopped the need to take 5 different medications, my hormone levels and food cravings leveled out. And for the first time in my life, I felt like a “normal” person.


- Linda M.

After nearly a year of being sedentary and tired due to tumultuous life circumstances, Matt and I made the decision to join the Inspired Wellness Season 5 Cleanse. We'd both gained weight (which is always an impetus to "do something") and felt generally, genuinely tired and unhappy. Plus I'll be turning 40 this year (2015) and he's a few years ahead of me; we decided this is the time to learn how to be healthy.

The results are more than we both hoped for. By the end of the second week, we both felt noticeably different and noticeably better. The momentum carried us through the end without going off-plan - how could we when we were feeling so much better and seeing results? We knew we'd only be cheating ourselves.

We realized early on that this isn't about what we were giving up, because all we gave up was convenience and settling for what seemed easiest to make or pick-up for dinner. What we gained was so much more: being in-tune with our bodies and understanding for the first time in our lives how the foods we eat affect our physical and mental well-being. I learned to take the emotion (other than enjoyment) out of eating.

I learned that a hard-boiled egg and a few strawberries or a smoothie with greens, berries and protein powder makes an easy and satisfying breakfast. Together we learned that mixing ground grass-fed beef and lamb together makes amazing burgers to enjoy with a thick slice of tomato. And we learned that homemade almond flour crackers are better than store-bought!

With a huge variety of naturally flavorful, fresh and local foods and knowing it's truly nourishing our bodies, neither of us will be going back to our old, mindless routine.

- Taryn C.

Registration currently closed. In October we'll be accepting 25 Cleanse30 participants. Go here to get on the free pre-sale list now - you'll have the opportunity to enroll early before we sell out and save more than 35%!

Standard Disclaimer: Before beginning this or any exercise program or making any changes in your lifestyle and diet you should get your doctor or physician’s approval. This is for informational purposes only and is not meant as medical advice, nor is it a substitute for medical advice. Performing exercise of all types can pose a risk to the exerciser. We advise that you should take full responsibility for your own health and safety. Before exercising make certain you know your own physical limits. Adequate warm up and cool downs should be undertaken before and after any exercise. Inspired Wellness will not be responsible or liable for any injury sustained as a result of using any fitness program presented and/or discussed.